We Sank with Leo!!!!!!!!!

The Leo frenzy has begun!!

A Leo frenzy has started. People just cant get enough of that gorgeus guy. And I think its about time!

Leonardo Dicaprio (aka the noodle), has been an actor for almost 10yrs now. I'm sure that he thinks it's his due to be so popular. And I would have to agree.

He helped us cope with retardation in WHAT'S EATING GILBERT GRAPE. Helped us fight the evils of mankind in THIS BOY'S LIFE. Brought the tragedy of the TITANIC into our world. Taught us about unihibited love in ROMEO & JULIET. Showed us the world of poetry and art in TOTAL ECLIPSE. Let us know the horror of drug abuse in THE BASKETBALL DIARIES. And helped us grow up in MARVIN'S ROOM. Is there anything he hasnt brought to our lives with his acting!

So this is my tribute to him. A small thanks for the good, bad, sad and fun times he let us have. May he recieve as much as he brought to the world through his films!

TO CONTACT ME JUST CLICK ON THE SECTION ENTITLED "Info on creator". Also, I am not Leonardo Dicaprio! So please stop sending me fan mail. I am in no way associated with him. Thanks and enjoy!!!!!

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